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So basically, former Doobie Bro Michael McDonald trolls twitter for people who use words in his lyrics and tweetbombs them. I mean, imagine the real life version of this: you’re just eating dinner with a friend, and you’re like, “dang, I was such a fool to go on a second date with that loser.” And all of a sudden MMcD strolls by, singing in his soulful, just-been-punched-in-the-throat way: “What a fool believes...” Regardless, this would have been a great SNL sketch in like, 1985, no?

My main goal of 2013 is to have MMcD surprise tweetbomb me. In the meantime, I have this this sensuous mouse pad to tide me over.


So happy to live in a time when old people are figuring out how to use Twitter. 



(via 100yearsoflolitude)

  • 23 February 2013
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