Her Comely Twin Kidneys

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You can find my stuff here:


1.“Behind” - Lost In Thought (forthcoming)

2.“Spanked” - The Northville Review (April 2011)

3.“At the Feet Of Betty Draper” with Gary Percesepe (January 2011)

4.“Secret” - Metazen Christmas Charity e-book (December 2010)

5.“Waltzing Birds” with John Minichillo - Emprise Review (November 2010)

6.“In White” - BLIP Magazine (formerly Mississippi Review) (September 2010)

7.“Charity” - BLIP Magazine (formerly Mississippi Review) (September 2010)

8.Writer Commentary on Marcus Speh’s “The Serious Writer and His Penis” - The Best of Metazen (September 2010)

9.“What We Have Here: The Archaeologist’s Conceit” - Necessary Fiction (September 2010)

10.“Peach” - Capture (July 2010)

11.“But Not For Me” - Capture (July 2010)

12.“Sectioned” - Necessary Fiction (June/July 2010)

13.“A Case For Foreign Independent Flicks” - THE2NDHAND (April 2010)

14.“The Thing About Magical Thinking” - LITSNACK (May 2010)

15.“Backstory” - JMWW (Spring 2010)

16.“Twine” - Women Writers: A Zine (January 2010)

17.“Zero” - fourpaperletters (January 2010)

18.“Apple” - Belmont Literary Journal (Spring 2006)